On the threshold of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Armenian nation is still longing for the triumph of justice.

“Armenian vector” Cultural Foundation determined to contribute its mite in the mission of remembrance and initiated a music project aimed for making the voice of Armenian people reach out to the world community.

Hundreds of thousands of devastated lives and shattered dreams… And all this is just a facet of the entire horror of the genocide… The slaughter witnesses and their descendants keep trying to regain their past, so far. One of the similar stories inspired us to compose “Aprelu April” song, running about the destiny of two sisters, who survived by a miracle, but lost the family which became a victim of the slaughter. But the strokes of fortune kept on: the sisters were sent to different orphanages…

It is worth mentioning that neither song, nor the short film are aimed at retelling the tragic events of those times. The life-asserting component is much more important here, since the sisters did not give in and found each other years later.

The song will be performed by the duo of Inga and Anush Arshakyans, known and adored either in Armenia or beyond its borders.

The project is called upon to remind the civilized world once again about the necessity of Armenian Genocide recognition, which is important either for the Armenian nation or entire humanity.

We believe that on the threshold of 100th anniversary of the Genocide the short film will become a peculiar message: “Make anything possible, for nothing of the kind will ever happen again.”
Performed by Inga & Anush